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About Us


Titan Inflatables are designed with two priorities, safety and return of investment. Because of these priorities, the successful production of our You-Turn Entry/Exit was discovered. This specific creation forces participants to slow down upon entering and exiting the unit, reducing the risk of head and neck injuries. In our opinion we have the safest Entry/Exit available in the industry.

With the addition of Titan Inflatables “Bouncer Integrated Game System” panels (BIGS), your customers will have the option to add up to two additional activities to every Titan Inflatables Bounce House or Combo, by choosing their favorite game panels from your inventory. Titan Inflatables has a growing list of games, ensured to entertain both kids and adults. The best part of the BIGS panels, is the 30%-40% increase that it can generate for you in revenue on bounce house and combo rentals.

With almost two decades of inflatable rental experience, we have placed extreme emphasis on the ease of set up and by protecting wear points on your Titan Inflatables, saving you on labor and equipment repairs. By only using the highest quality materials available in the industry, we are guaranteed to meet all the applicable ASTM, NFPA & CPSIA standards, regarding safety, fire resistance, and lead content.

Titan Inflatables will take that worry away from you and your customers. We only use the best quality material that is specifically engineered for use in the inflatable industry. We are confident in using what we feel is the best vinyl available. Here are just a few of the features that we incorporate into our designs:

  • Heat welded seam seals on all of our wet slides and combos.
  • Double, Triple and Quad Stitching combined with Dura Seal reinforced seams in high stress areas.
  • Stitch Vise seams at the entrance, exits and end walls
  • Velcro on Deflation Flaps for quicker release of air.
  • Longer Anchoring Points.
  • Anti-Jump netting on all slides and designs with a slide.
  • Zip-Tight deflation zippers with durable flaps for added protection.

With a growing range of products and designs ranging from Bounce Houses, Wet-Dry Combos, Wet-Dry Slides, Interactives, Games, and Obstacle Courses, our focus is to help you generate more revenue from your efforts. We are confident that Titan Inflatables will be the choice for a profitable future for your business.